Recent events and trends have dramatically changed the workplace. As many companies are scaling the amount and complexity of digital work, they face a new set of challenges from visibility to security to usability to automations. From Wrike’s launch in 2006 to the present, we’ve been continuously driving innovations in these areas, and today is another great milestone on this journey as we announce the reimagined Wrike.

New user experience

Early on, we were lucky enough to make the right choices that laid the groundwork for today’s updates. Choices like investing in a data model (flexible work graph) that allow teams privacy, security, and autonomy while supporting easy connectivity, planning, reporting, and resource management across teams, projects, and workflows. I’m also grateful for the thousands of customer conversations over the last decade that helped our team understand what scales best.

The new Wrike experience developed from extensive UX research and user feedback as many of our customers evolved from small teams to thousands of users. The changes solve information overload and discoverability, keeping the interface elegant and approachable as businesses scale and add more users and teams. Our reimagined experience helps customers tame the increasing complexity of their digital work. As digital workflows typically span across multiple teams, Wrike makes it easier to “Work As One” while offering industry-leading privacy controls.

Our brand

  • Vision:
    A world where every person, team, and organization achieves their best.
  • Mission:
    Help you do the best work of your life by reducing chaos and complexity through visibility, contextual collaboration, and automation.

We’ve thought about the best way to convey our passion and culture through the visual side of our brand and updated our logotype, color palette, typography, and illustrations.

What’s next

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Work as One. Wrike helps you do the best work of your life.