How to Safely Achieve Lead Goals as COVID-19 Hits the Events Scene

Last week, the World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak of COVID-19 — also known as the novel coronavirus — a pandemic. The move came just days before the total number of reported cases exceeded 170,000 across 114 countries, as Italy declared a countrywide lockdown, and the US banned travel to and from Europe.

You don’t need us to tell you that this is having an enormous impact on the events scene. Right now, your team not only faces a rise in self-quarantining but it may have to cancel large-scale events. The bottom line? You’re under increasing pressure to balance public and personal safety while continuing to achieve your lead goals.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to do just that. Here are seven tips to ensure your team responsibly maximizes leads and achieves its goals in the wake of a new global reality.

1. Understand the new landscape

2. Train your team to work from home

3. Assess your upcoming event and practice new event etiquette

4. Offer virtual events and webinars

With that in mind, one idea might be to livestream your event on a platform that offers moment-to-moment audience interaction. Failing that, you could record it as a webinar and send it out later — marketed as the entire event accessible via a single click. Right now, these approaches resonate with leads because many can’t attend gatherings but are still interested in the event itself. In the coming weeks, people all over the world will feel cooped up and will need to keep themselves occupied. Create a safe, unique experience and they’ll remember your virtual event for years. Here’s how to plan one.

5. Harness your digital presence

6. Use email marketing and key account marketing

Key account marketing — or account-based marketing — is a strategy in which you target a key account as a market of one. This calls for hyper-focused messaging and requires in-depth research of a prospect. Has a restaurant chain pulled out of your expo? Get your team on researching how your product can help them right now.

7. Analyze results

Here’s how Team Wrike can help

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