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  • Shannon Stroud

    Shannon Stroud

    Human | Dog Mom | Photographer — Just a creative gal surviving in tech world.

  • Robin


    We’re out to make the work day delightful, one room at a time.

  • Chris Ortolano

    Chris Ortolano

    Building bridges from #sales to #customersuccess | Understand requirements to meet desired outcomes | Sales Productivity Partner @Tenbound

  • Tristan Fitzgerald

    Tristan Fitzgerald

  • madhumanjunatha


    PR & Corporate Communications

  • Josh Schwartz

    Josh Schwartz

    Manager of #SalesDevelopment @Bizlibrary - #Elearning - #STL Ambassador for @saleshacker

  • Dwayne Melancon

    Dwayne Melancon

    VP of Products at Tripwire, Inc. Always on the lookout for new things to learn. Infosec, Info Risk, productivity, gadgets, media deconstruction.

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