8 Series A Companies That Used Direct Marketing to Grow Their Customer Base by More Than 10x

What is direct marketing?

What are some direct marketing examples?

  • Digital marketing: Social media, email newsletters, landing pages, SEO strategies, and sponsored advertisements are just some of the direct marketing tools that fall under this umbrella.
  • Telemarketing: Sales and outreach through traditional phone calls to cold or warm leads.
  • SMS text messaging: Typically opt in, but can be used as part of rewards programs and other targeted campaigns.
  • Direct mail: Traditional postcards, letters, and flyers.

8 examples of using direct marketing to multiply your customer base

  1. Instacart

Things to remember about direct marketing strategies

  • Understand your audience. Whether it’s their favorite grocery store, app, charitable cause, or nostalgic decade, the things that make your target demographic unique will help propel your direct marketing campaigns. Even the most minute details can provide inspiration.
  • Focus on high ROI leads. Even if you only have your own network to sell to at first, your direct marketing campaign can have a significant impact. Ask your contacts to share your email, promote your crowd fundraiser, or something else entirely. You can accomplish a lot simply by reaching out to your biggest supporters first.
  • Be original. Direct marketing that works for one company may not work for another. If print mailers help your customers trust you or make them feel sentimental, great. Or if they watch a lot of TV but you can’t get an agency to produce an ad, do it yourself.



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