7 Tips for Working Remotely During the Coronavirus Outbreak

On January 30, the World Health Organization labeled coronavirus (COVID-19) “a public health emergency of international concern”. As of March 6, the coronavirus count has surpassed 100,000 confirmed cases, worldwide, raising fresh questions about how companies and individuals plan to adapt to growing public health concerns around travel and working in close contact.

As these global coronavirus fears intensify, businesses are seeking solutions to manage their increasingly remote workforce. In response to the rapid spread of coronavirus and subsequent public health concerns, some companies have canceled events, suspended non-essential travel, and many are asking their employees to work from home.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Linkedin, and Twitter are among the companies asking employees to work from home, if possible, during the outbreak. While working remotely is obviously not a possibility for all industries and professions, it can be a smart solution for those able to work in flexible, digital environments.

Tips for working remotely as a coronavirus precaution

Teams are working remotely during this time as part of the precautionary measures that many hope will curb the impact of coronavirus. Although remote work flexibility has been a sought-after career perk in recent years, teams still need the right tools and resources in place to ensure they can adapt to new challenges around collaboration, accessibility, and logistics.

If you or your team will be working remotely in the coming weeks, here are some tips for working remotely that can help ensure productivity, efficiency, and minimal work disruption.

Choosing the right work software solution for teams while working remotely

One of the challenges of managing and working within a remote team involves choosing the right software solution to increase collaboration and productivity.

Collaborative tools like Wrike are a practical solution for teams who are:

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Companies asking employees to work from home can ensure their teams are equipped with the tools and resources needed to collaborate effectively and productively.

Wrike is a flexible and intuitive cloud-based work management solution that teams can rely on no matter where or when they’re working. Features like sharable and customizable team dashboards, real-time status updates, and 400+ app integrations empower teams to do their best work — even while working remotely.

Wrike teams have reported 90% fewer emails and a reduction in meetings by as much as 30 hours per week. This means that Wrike is a proven solution that successfully creates collaborative digital spaces for busy teams.

Globally, teams have turned to remote working as public health concerns remain top of mind for many. If you’re looking for ways to make this transition as smooth as possible, Wrike offers the work management tools to do that and more. Try a free 14-day Wrike trial and learn how teams can work powerfully from anywhere.

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