3 Ways the Globalization of Services Will Affect Agencies in 2020

What’s digital transformation?

  • Google. The World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation of Industries initiative used Google as one of their case studies as an example of how important digital transformation is for both industry and society. Google’s primary mission was to expand its global portfolio. In doing so, the tech giant was able to discover, fund, and use world-changing tools like the ones provided by unicorns such as Nest and Uber.
  • Salesforce. Acquiring Tableau (a data visualization tool) was a move that experts (ironically) agreed signaled to the rest of the world that digital transformation wasn’t just for Silicon Valley hotshots. Why? Because joining forces with this brand had more to do with the industry’s need to simplify products and provide additional customer value than anything else. Through digital transformation, Salesforce and other businesses are able to provide better, more effective service in simpler ways, which ends up creating higher-value products for consumers in a win-win scenario.
  • Porsche. Given how technologically advanced our modern vehicles are, it should come as no surprise that this luxury car company has made digital transformation a stepping stone for their future. In addition to further infusing technology into their products, Porsche has also found new ways to digitize sales, major processes, and even their very own workspace.

What are the major components of digital transformation?

Bringing it all together

The future of digital transformation & globalization of services

The impact of globalization on service industry

3 ways globalization of services will affect agencies in 2020

1. Teams will become more distributed.

2. Small businesses will add authenticity to larger brands.

3. Localization will become a priority for consumers.

  • What channels will be best for reaching new leads in this area?
  • Which of your primary campaign messages will appeal to this audience on a fundamental level?
  • How do you want your target market to perceive your brand?
  • What value can you provide this unique group and how will you communicate that value?
  • What digital platforms will you need to add or subtract when marketing to this area?
  • What languages will your website and basic tools need to be translated into for consumers?
  • Which of your CTAs will grab their attention the most and what are the best methods for grabbing this particular audience’s attention?

Getting your agency ready for these 2020 globalization trends

  • Strategic partnerships with small businesses are a must. As long as the relationship is mutually beneficial, they can provide agencies with a better understanding of certain demographics as well as how to appeal to them in genuine ways.
  • Localization requires strategy. The right resources, teams, and workflows will help facilitate these transitions as your agency expands into new areas.
  • Communication is key. Whether it’s between you and teams in different regions or all over the world, being able to keep everyone on the same page will require agencies to adapt. There are certain tools and structures you can put into place ahead of this transition.



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